Our Packages

Personal Website

This type is showing all information and contents related to you or to your company without providing data management.

  • Landing Page
  • Multi-Language
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • 1 month support & Editing
  • Sliders & Modern Designs

CMS Website

'Content Management System website' is Personal website with data management such a 'Login system', 'add images' and more.

  • Basic Pages
  • Multi-Language
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • 1 month support & Editing
  • Input Screens and Customized Posts control

E-commerce Website

It is online store which is called business website which is more powerful and has many actions and deal with plenty number of

  • Dynamic Cart & Compare Products
  • User Registration and Full Profile Page
  • Basic Shop Pages
  • Customized Design for Categories Sections
  • Domain Registration & Web Hosting
  • 1 month support & Editing

Web Design

We believe that 'Design' is the main section of any field, so we focus 50% of our time only to provide a great work for our clients

Our Platform

We work with most modern technologies and platforms to introduce the most ease-to-use dashboards and controls

Products Photography

We Provide products photography service as an add-on for E-commerce websites in some regions

Responsive Products

responsive windows is one of the essentials features we care during our work. The whole website will be responsive with any device​

Web Support

We will be with you after delivering the website. We support you in modifying, adding or solving any problems or responding to your technical inquiries.

Some Selections

make creativity

SEO Optemization

is one of our first concerns

Team Work

we work together, to reach our goal

Our Projects

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